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These books are the books that I use as guides when I am in Colorado and Utah.  I highly recommend these books to anyone thinking of going to these areas.  Though these books are for ATVs all of the trails can be ridden by Motorcycles


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ATV Trails Guide Taylor Park, Crested Butte

ATV Trails Guide Colorado Taylor Park, Crested Butte

30 Trails • 30 color maps • 184 color photos • 160 pages

The ultimate ATV vacation destination. Camp and ride a different trail every day for weeks. ATV routes connect tiny mountain towns of Tincup, St. Elmo and Pitkin. Ride from St. Elmo Ghost Town all the way to Aspen. Descend through Aspen Ski Area, park near bottom of gondola and walk into town. Ride from Taylor Park to outskirts of Crested Butte. Precise directions, custom maps, stunning color photos and GPS waypoints. New easy-to-use format. Twenty-eight trails suitable for wider UTVs. Great for dirt bikes, too.


 6"x 9"    ISBN 978-1-934838-01-3

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1. Taylor River Road (E)
2. Texas Lakes (M)
3. Italian Creek, Reno Ridge* (D)
4. Tellurium Creek (M)
5. Taylor Pass* (D)
6. Richmond Hill, Aspen Mountain* (M)
7. Pieplant Mill, Lily Pond (M)
8. Taylor Park Central (E)
9. Union Park (E)
10. Union Canyon (D)
11. Cross Mountain (D)
12. Gold & Cameron Creeks (M)
13. Slaughterhouse Gulch (M)
14. Tincup Pass, St. Elmo* (M)
15. Napoleon Pass (D)
16. Cumberland Pass, Pitkin* (E)
17. Alpine Tunnel* (E)
18. Hancock Pass* (M)
19. Tomichi Pass* (M)
20. Grizzly Lake (D)
21. Iron Chest Mine* (D)
22. Pomeroy Lakes* (D)

23. Gunsight Pass* (E)
24. Poverty Gulch (D)
25. Paradise Divide* (E)
26. Devil’s Punchbowl* (D)
27. Lead King Basin* (M)
28. Cement Creek Road* (M)
29. Pearl Pass* (D)
30. Montezuma Basin (M)

*Author’s Favorites
Taylor Park ATV Trails

Sample Map & Pictures

Taylor River Road

Crested Butte Dirtbike trails

Pages 4 & 5, Contents

rhino trails colorado

Pages 86 & 87, Napoleon Pass, Trail 15

side by side trails colorado

Pages 88 & 89, Napoleon Pass, Trail 15

Sample Photos

Texas Lake

Texas Lakes, Trail #2, Easy

Tincup Pass

Tincup Pass, Trail #14, Moderate

Pearl Pass ATV Trail

Pearl Pass, Trail #29, Difficult

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