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These books are the books that I use as guides when I am in Colorado and Utah.  I highly recommend these books to anyone thinking of going to these areas.  Though these books are for Jeeps most of the trails can be ridden by ATVs and Motorcycles


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ATV Trails Guide Colorado Central Mountains

Colorado ATV Guide Book

32 Trails  33 color maps  215 color photos 168 pages

Precise directions, custom maps and stunning color photos guide to and through the best mountain ATV trails in central Colorado. Most routes are day trips from Denver and other front-range cities. Thrilling rides for all skill levels. Learn where to unload and the best places to camp. GPS Waypoints. Great for dirt bikes, too.

6"x 9"    ISBN 0-9664976-8-6

 5-1/2"x 8-1/2"    ISBN 978-0-9664976-9-4

Only $19.95

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1. North Sand Hills (E)
2. Moody Hill (D)
3. Storm Mountain (D)
4. Pole Hill (M)
5. Stillwater Pass Road (E)
6. Idleglen OHV Area (D)
7. Pierson Park Road (M)
8. Johnny Park Road (D)
9. Plane Crash, Ironclads (D)
10. Caribou, Eldorado Mountain (M)
11. Rollins Pass West (E)
12. Rollins Pass East (E)
13. Jones Pass (E)
14. Bill Moore Lake, Empire Loop (D)
15. Yankee Hill, Kingston Peak (M)
16. Saxon Mountain, Lamartine (M)
17. Red & White Mountain (M)
18. Peru Creek (E)
19. Wise Mountain, Radical Hill (D)
20. Red Cone, Handcart Gulch (D)
21. Camp Hale Area (D)
22. Rampart Range OHV Area (M)
23. Rainbow Falls OHV Area (M)
24. North Divide 717 OHV Area (D)
25. Fourmile North (E)
26. Fourmile South (M)
27. Taylor Park (M)
28. Tincup/Hancock Loop (M)
29. Pomeroy Lakes (D)
30. Mt. Antero, Baldwin Lakes (M)
31. Otto Mears Toll Road (E)
32. Texas Creek (D)
Colorado ATV Map

Sample Map & Pictures

North Sand Hill ATV Trail Map

Colorado Dirt Bike Map

Pages 4 & 5, Contents

Colorado Quad Map

Pages 138& 139, trail description page

Colorado National Forest ATV Trails

Pages 140 & 141, 2-page trail description

Sample Photos

Rawley Mine Otto Mears Toll Road

Rawley Mine on Otto Mears Toll Road, Trail #31, Easy

Mt. Antero ATV Trail

Near Summit of Mt. Antero, Trail #30, Moderate

Wise Mountain Radical Hill Trail

Cabin at Wise Mountain, Trail #19, Difficult

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