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These books are the books that I use as guides when I am in Colorado and Utah.  I highly recommend these books to anyone thinking of going to these areas.  Though these books are for ATVs all of the trails can be ridden by Motorcycles


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ATV Trails Guide Colorado Silverton, Ouray, Lake City, Telluride

ATV Trails Guide Colorado Silverton

30 Trails  32 color maps  190 color photos 160 pages

Ride the spectacular San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado. Cross high passes, visit mines and explore ghost towns. Learn where to camp and unload. Precise directions, custom maps, color photos and GPS waypoints. Fun rides for all skill levels. Great trails for UTVs and dirt bikes, too.

 6"x 9"    ISBN 978-1-934838-03-7

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1. Eureka Gulch(Easy)
2. Picayne & Placer Gulches (Moderate)
3. California Gulch(Easy)
4. Burns Gulch (Moderate)
5. Maggie & Minnie Gulches(Easy)
6. Stony Pass(Moderate)*
7. Kite Lake (Moderate)*
8. Lost Trail Creek (Difficult*)
9. Arrastra Gulch(Moderate)
10. Kendall Mountain (Moderate)*
11. Prospect Gulch, Gladstone(Easy)
12. Clear Lake, Bandora Mine(Easy)
13. Ophir Pass (Moderate)

14. Yankee Boy Basin (Moderate)
15. Governor Basin (Moderate)
16. Imogene Pass(Difficult)
17. Mineral Creek (to Alpine Loop)(Moderate)*
18. Poughkeepsie Gulch (Difficult)*
19. Engineer Pass (Alpine Loop)(Easy)
20. Schafer Gulch(Moderate)
21. Cinnamon Pass (Alpine Loop)(Easy)
22. Corkscrew Gul, Hurricane P(Easy)
23. Gray Copper Gulch(Easy)
24. Red Mountain Pass(Easy)
25. BlackBear Pass, Porphyry Gulch (Moderate)

26. Nellie Creek(Easy)
27. Wager Gulch, Carson (Moderate)*
28. Hill Seventyone(Moderate)*
29. Mill Creek Road (Easy)
30. Cannibal Plateau(Difficult*)


Colorado ATV Guide Book

Sample Map

Alpine Loop Guide


Pages 4 & 5, Contents

Pages 46 & 47, first two pages of a 4-page trail description

Maggie gulches

Pages 48 & 49, second two pages of a 4-page trail description

colorado dirtbike trail guide

Sample Photos

Red Mountain Pass

Red Mountain Pass, Trail 24, Easy

Picayne Gulch

Picayne Gulch, Trail 2, Moderate

Poughkeepsie Gulch

Poughkeepsie Gulch, Trail 18, Difficult

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