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Taylor Park Colorado   Taylor Park is an ATVers dream destination.  The Taylor Park area allows you to set up camp and ride a different trail everyday for a week without moving.  Weather you want to camp or stay in a cabin, bring your own ride or rent one you are set.  There is also great fishing in the areas many streams and river or you can rent a boat for the day and go out on Taylor Reservoir.  If want to see Colorado's mountains on an ATV you should consider Taylor Park.  Want to ride your dirt bike on single track?  The Taylor Park area has some the nations best single track trails also. 

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My Favorites White Rim Road and Beef Basin
Moab, UT 

  White Rim Road Beef Basin


If you have been looking for places to ride your ATV, Motorcycle, or Jeep ATV Trails this is the place for you. At ATV Trails we will show you great places to ride your ATV, where people will welcome you, and your vehicle. The riding areas on the web site range from the mud holes of the south to the high mountains of the West. We are continuously adding new areas so be sure to bookmark us.  


In addition to driving directions to all areas, we have provided you with free maps to help get you there. For some trails we have posted pictures with brief descriptions with them to help you better know what to expect. Also included in each riding area is a list of preparations to further help you prepare and enjoy your trip.

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BRC Working With The CRT to SAVE RTP!

    Earlier this year I wrote that the effort by Utah's Congressional Representatives to formulate a land use bill for Eastern Utah may have been motivated by a request to President Obama from the Outdoor Industry Association to designate SUWA's long sought goal of a "Greater Canyonlands" land grab. 
          OIA's letter may have played a role, but it seems I spoke too soon. 
          This is much more than a effort to block a unilateral monument designation. Utah's Congressional Reps seem to be genuinely motivated by a desire to "put to bed" some of the more contentious issues that have been festering now for several decades. 
          Our evidence? A nothing-less-than-impressive effort led by Rep. Rob Bishop, Rep. Jason Chaffetz and Rep. Chris Stewart. Indeed, to date, there have been over 300 meetings, conference calls, and video conferences with interested parties, including Utah Gov.  Herbert, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, state legislature and local elected officials, not to mention public meetings and field trips. Overall, there have been over 100 stakeholder groups that are or have been involved in the process.

Heavy Hitters are Involved
         Getting state agencies or local governments to talk about settling public lands issues is one thing. It is much more difficult to get the wilderness groups talking. Its no secret that ongoing controversy helps their agenda. 
          But to Congressman Bishop's credit, the environmental groups are participating. Even the heavy of heaviest hitter, the Pew Charitable Trusts, are involved in this process. Pew is the Tony Soprano of Wilderness Activist groups simply by virtue of the tens of millions of dollars that Pew spends every year on anti-OHV and Wilderness efforts.

What's in it for the Wilderness Activists?
          You'll be right in pointing out that Tony Soprano doesn't get involved unless there is a percentage in it for "The Family." 
          True enough. So what's in it for the Wilderness activists? Plenty, actually. There is potential here for a lot of new Wilderness. This is because unlike most Western public lands states, Utah doesn't have a lot of designated Wilderness. Compared to Idaho, California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Montana and Arizona, Utah's 1.2 million acres is pretty meager. Almost all Utah based stakeholder groups are on record supporting an additional 2 million acres or more.
          Another opportunity for the Wilderness activists is more roads and trails closed to motorized and mountain bike use. As many of you have no doubt experienced, the recent BLM travel plans closed a lot of prized recreational routes. But not enough for these groups. They'll be looking for more.'s in it for OHV Enthusiasts?
          Let me get something out of the way right up front. We titled this update "Threats and Opportunities" because participating in this sort of effort brings exactly that. The obvious reality is the process may bring the next round in the seemingly endless road and trail closures. That is a real threat, and we are taking it seriously. 
          BRC and other OHV groups are taking somewhat of a hard line. We are willing to talk about Wilderness, but we are strongly opposed to another round of travel planning, especially when the last round isn't even implemented yet!
          In the past half-century, each decade has brought further restrictions on vehicle access and recreation on federal, state and even private lands. While some of these restrictions were necessary and appropriate, we've now reached a tipping point. 
          In our view, the legislation should seek to codify the existing travel plan so it serves as a minimum travel system. This approach makes particular sense for Utah BLM lands, where the agency, coordinating agencies, affected entities and the public have recently invested millions of dollars revamping RMPs and travel designations. The new travel management decisions can and should form a long-term management foundation. Where appropriate, recreational trails and areas, both motorized and non-motorized, could later be added consistent with NEPA and other applicable laws. 
          BRC is committed to represent the interest of our members in this process. You can learn more and get real-time up to date information on our website




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