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Taylor Park
ATV, UTV, Dirt Bike and Jeep Trail Capital of Colorado

Richmond Hill, Aspen Mountain Most people don't realize this but you can ride your ATV right up to the rim of Bryce Canyon. Richmond Hill ATV Trail
Cross Mountain is a good trail not far from the center of Taylor Park.  I would recommend this trail to ride when your buddies are worn-out but you still want to keep riding. Cross Mountain dirt Bike trail
Cumberland Pass is an easy alternative for riders looking for great scenery and lots of Colorado mining history but don't want a challenging trail. Cumberland Pass Dual Sport
Napoleon Pass is a more difficult option to reach the top of Cumberland Pass.  The Napoleon Pass trail passes some of the best preserved mining history in the Taylor Park area. Napoleon Pass ATV
Pieplant Mill site is a short trip that branches off of the main Taylor River Trail.  Some of the mine is restored but much of it is falling in. Pieplant Mill site
Lily Pad trail travels through a heavily wood section of Taylor Park to the lily pad lake.  The trail passes many abandoned mining camps and the Forest Hill Mine.  This Trail is a must see for those interested in Colorado Mining History.
Reno Ridge Trail is a trail that follows a high ridge and offers stunning views of the Gunnison National Forest.
Slaughterhouse Gulch is a fun bypass to the lower part of Cumberland Pass Road.  This trail bypasses the boring section of dirt road between Taylor Park and Tin Cup. Slaughterhouse Gulch
Union Park is Taylor Park's little brother.  What Union Park lacks in scenery it makes up for in solitude.  If you really want to get away from everyone, consider camping in this area. Union Park Colorado
Union Canyon is an out and back trail for ATV's.  This is an interesting trip to take if you  want to ride every trail.  If you want the best scenery in the littlest amount of time skip this trail.  Union Canyon ATV Trail