Pomeroy Lakes
Mary Murphy Mine

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pomeroy atv and utv trail colorado

While on the trail to Hancock Pass you may want to take the side trip to Pomeroy Lakes and Mary Murphy Mine.  At the start  of the trail you will see several structures that make up the Romley town site.

Mary Murphy Mill UTV Trail

Bunkhouse at the Mary Murphy Mill.  Look but don't touch, these old mine structures and deteriorating more and more as time goes by.  This is a great trail for a 4x4 or UTV.  We had a blast on our Polaris RZR.

Mary Murphy SxS Trail

Mary Murphy Mill.  The trail up to this area is somewhat rocky so be ready for it. After this the trail will become difficult.  This group of side trails is great for anyone on a ATV, side by side, or dirt bike that is looking for a challenge.

Mary Murphy Mine Tram

Towers from the old tram system that once serviced Mary Murphy mine.  There are many things to see from Colorado's mining past along this trail.  It is sad yet interesting to see how nature slowly reclaims man's works.

Colorado Taylor Park UTV Guide Book

Guide to Colorado Backroad and 4 Wheel Drive Trails, Includes Maps and Direction for this Trail

Colorado rzr trails

After climbing a difficult and steep stretch of trail you will be rewarded with great views above the timberline like this one.  I think this picture looks even better with the RZR.

Colorado Jeep Road Pomeroy

The Jeep road ends just before Pomeroy Lake.  It is just on the lower left of this photo.  If you would like to hike, you can walk to Upper Pomeroy Lake which is in the center of the photo near the base of the mountains.

Hiking Along The Colorado Trail to Pomeroy Lakes

The trail leading to the Pomeroy Lakes follows part of the Colorado Trail.  The Colorado trail doesn't allow vehicles but it is one of the more famous hiking trails in the state.  Much of the trails is also open to mountain bikes, once a year there a multi day race across the entire distance of the trail.

Mary Murphy mine dual sport

After visiting the lakes if you are up for more of a challenge you may want to make the climb to the Mary Murphy Mine.  This trail is considered difficult and would be very difficult for dual sport or regular dirt bikes since so much loose gravel is on the trail and it would be difficult to maintain balance and speed. Luckily the four wheels on our RZR handled the trail with no problems, it just required a little butt puckering.

Colorado hill climb rzr

There is not much left of the mine but the area does have great views.  Places like this are fun and exciting to visit during the right times of the year, but could you image spending the long winter up here?

What is the steepest sxs trail in Colorado

The picture does not do the steepness of this trail justice.  I am just glad the RZR has lots of horse power for the steep trail and we did not have to pass anyone.  If you are scared of heights I would not recommend this trail.