Cumberland Pass

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Cumberland Pass is one of Colorado's most scenic and historic passes.  The trail is very easy and can be driven in a passenger car without any problems but is open to ATV's, dirt bikes, UTVs and Jeeps.  The trail passes lots of mining history.  With a sharp eye you will see old mines all long the road and up in the hills.

Frenchy's Café and Restaurant, Tin Cup Colorado

Frenchy's Cafe is located at the start of the trail in the small community of Tincup. Frenchy's restaurant serves a great breakfast and is a very historic place to visit while on your trip. It is nice to take a break every once in a while and have breakfast served to you. While I was there I picked up one of their books on the history of Tincup. The book did a great job explaining the history of many of the mines the trail passes by and how the town was formed.


Cumberland pass Jeep Road, Tincup Colorado

The wide jeep road makes for easy going for beginners on an ATV or dirt bike. With today's modern SxS many times people are only looking for a challenge, but I still enjoy taking it easy on maintained dirt roads.

UTV trails at Cumberland pass Colorado, mine shack in pond

I remember the first time I saw this cabin, I was like "why would you build a cabin in a pond?" Well I doubt there was a pond here when the cabin was build. It is amazing has time changes things. The beaver pond cabin is just south of Tincup as you start up the towards Cumberland Pass on your UTV.

Easy dirt bike route to Colorado's Cumberland pass on a DRZ 400

The views just get better and better as you climb the old stagecoach route to Cumberland Pass. Seeing these only photos of my old DRZ brings back good memories. I don't know what the mileage record is for a DRZ but this would be in the running. I took the bike on many trips and actually used it for commuting to college and back and forth to work in my early twenties.

Colorado Taylor Park UTV Guide Book

Guide to Colorado Backroad and 4 Wheel Drive Trails, Includes Maps and Direction for this Trail

Summit of the Cumberland Pass UTV and Dirt Bike trail in Colorado

At the summit of Cumberland Pass you will find a large parking area. There is also a sign showing the elevation of Cumberland Pass to be 12,015 Feet. This trail is open used as a large loop out of the Taylor Park area. Since the road is so easy, it doesn't take much time to reach the summit.

Colorado wildflowers along the Side by Side Trail to Cumberland Pass

I never tire of the views from the high Colorado backcountry. If you love exploring like me you always want to see what is over the top of the next hill. Another one of my most favorite things about UTVing in the Colorado Alpin is the endless supply of wildflowers. Some people make fun of my flower pictures. Whatever, it is important to me to stop and enjoy all of God's handy work.

Easy Colorado Mining Road near Cumberland Pass

The easy Jeep road continues toward Pitkin and passes many old mines just off the road. From this pictures you can get a good idea as to how easy this trail is verses most of the others in the Taylor Park Colorado area.


Colorado Mining History near Cumberland Pass

Unfortunately most of the old mining structures in the area are just about complete gone, these photos were taken in the very early 2000s, there is a good chance these structures are completely gone by now.


Bon Ton Mine Site

One of the many structures of the Bon Ton Mine site. The mine is nearly gone in these photos, but it is fun you image all of the men working at these mines during their heyday. Could you image spending a Colorado winter here?


Cumberland Pass side trails

What is left a the miners cabin of Cumberland Pass Colorado.


Cumberland Pass side trails

It is unfortunate that the off-road community has such a hard time sticking to the main trail. Scenes like this give the antiaccess crowd all they need to shut down our trails. Next time you are thinking of riding off of what you know to be the "open" trail, think how you make all off-roaders look in the public eye.


Cumberland Pass as seen from Napoleon Mountain Colorado

Cumberland Pass as seen from Napoleon Mountain Colorado


Colorado Adventure Rentals

Exploring the network of mining roads on Napoleon Mountain with our UTV from Colorado Adventure Rentals.


Taylor Park as seen from the top of Napoleon Mountain.

Taylor Park as seen from the top of Napoleon Mountain.


Colorado Mine Ruins

One of many Colorado Mine Ruins in the area east of Cumberland Pass Road.