Slaughter House Gulch

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Union Canyon to Slaughter House Gulch

If you are planning to spend a few days or a week in the Taylor Park area, the drive between Taylor Park and Tincup will eventually get boring. To spice things up and add a little more interest you may want to try Slaughter House Gulch.


Narrow UTV trails in the Taylor Park area

To get from Taylor Park to Tincup you will actually use two different trails, Union Park and Slaughter House Gulch Trail. One of the cool things about Slaughter House Gulch is that the trail is narrower than many of the road width trails in the Taylor Park area.

Union Park as seen from Slaughter House Gulch

Nearing Union Park on Slaughterhouse Gulch Trail in Taylor Park Colorado. This is actually one of the my favorite photographs from this area, I just love the way the park opens up through the trees.

Union Park Side by Side Trail

Union Park ATV Trail, makes for a great camping area if you want solitude. The even though Taylor Park appears to be remote, the area can get fairly crowded on holiday weekends. Even with Taylor Park full we didn't see anyone in Union Park.