Reno Ridge

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Reno Ridge UTV Trail

The trail from Taylor Park to Reno Ridge follows 748 which is a wide and fast dirt road for about 10 miles.  748 has many wide open vistas. Taking my time and enjoying the scenery is the thing I like most about riding UTVs. Many times with modern machines people just want to go fast. Why? Didn't you buy the machine to enjoy the outdoors?


Open Range land along Reno Ridge Trail

748 runs through open range land. I always think it is neat to look at open range land and dream about being a cowboy in a time before our modern lives were so hectic.

Camping at Spring Creek Reservoir in Taylor Park Colorado

A classic Colorado Sportsman location, Spring Creek Reservoir offers great fishing and camping. If you find that Taylor Park proper is too crowded on holiday weekends this might be a better option for you.

Most Scenic RZR Trail in Taylor Park

I felt like the Reno Ridge trail may have been the most scenic in RZR trail in all of Taylor Park. Unfortunately after a long holiday weekend, this was the last trail we road and all were a little worn out. I hope return one day and get some better photos.

Colorado Taylor Park UTV Guide Book

Guide to Colorado Backroad and 4 Wheel Drive Trails, Includes Maps and Direction for this Trail

UTV Trails near Maroon Bells

Though not as high as Richmond Hill, Reno Ridge still offers stunning views of the Maroon Bells area. This is one of the closest UTV trails you can get on in the Maroon Bells area. The Marron Bells is a very people photo taking area for people visiting Aspen.

UTV guide book for Taylor Park area

Reno Ridge does just what the name implies, it follows a high ridge. There are few spots were route finding can be difficult and getting lost late in the day would not be much fun. I would highly recommend using one of our UTV guide books available at the link above.

Backcountry camping in Taylor Park Colorado

Do you ever have dreams of getting away from it all and doing some backcountry camping? If this sounds of interest to you there are many good camping spots at the intersection of Reno Ridge and Italian Creek RD. The Reno Ridge area is popular with many outdoor users groups and you will likely encounter many mountain bikers in this area, remember to be courteous.