Union Canyon

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Union Canyon ATV trail follows Lottis Creek that drains out of Union Park. This is a difficult and narrow trail.  I didn't think it was the greatest trail and would only recommend it to someone looking for a challenge.  There are also a lot of hikers using this trail, so get ready for them.

Union Canyon Trail Colorado

The entrance into Union Canyon is fairly dramatic with its steep walls as compared to the surrounding Union Park. I really wouldn't recommend this trail as a trip from Taylor Park. It would however provide a shortened driving distance to the first set of usable trails that access Taylor Park from the south.


Union Canyon UTV and SxS trail Colorado

For a short distance the trail along Union Creek is easy.  There are also some interesting rock structures from past placer mining operations. It made me wonder, did they stack these rocks by hand or did they have some type of mechanized machinery helping them in the search for placer gold?

Rock outcrops along Lottis Creek in Union Canyon Colorado

Rock outcrops along Lottis Creek in Union Canyon Colorado. I wonder if rock climbers ever attempt to climb these rock?

Lottis Creek hiking trail near Union Park Colorado

The day we where on the trail there were many more hikers than off-roaders. Remember, they are trying to enjoy this beautiful are just like you are. Respect them and maybe even strike up a friendly conversation, I bet you have more in common with them than you may first think.

Colorado Taylor Park UTV Guide Book

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Entrance to Lottis Creek Campground

There is a gate near Lottis Creek Campground. I imagine this gate is there mainly to keep the cattle out of the campground. Remember, leave all gates as you found them. Also of note is that you would have to have a street legal vehicle if you wish to ride on the road back to Taylor Park.