Pie Plant Trail

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Pie Plant Trail Taylor Park

The Pieplant trail is basically two different trails. The first half of the trail is an easy Jeep road that will take you all the way to the Pieplant Town site. Once you have explored the town you can return the way you came or continue on a trail just for ATV's and dirt bikes.  This half of the trail is very tight but not too difficult.  However, if you were to ride this trail in the opposite direction up hill you would find that it would be difficult.  There is also a third option for leaving from the town site for dirt bikes or mountain bikes and that is to continue on the Timberline Trail.

Taylor Park side Trail Colorado

Start of Pieplant trail with the mountains of Colorado's Collegiate Peaks Wilderness in the background.  If you are interested in helping to stop the spread of wilderness areas please visit the website of "The Blue Ribbon Coalition

Collegiate Peaks Wilderness

Any guess as to how the Collegiate Peaks got their name? The tallest mountains in the range are named after colleges. For example Mount Yale, Columbia, Harvard, Iowa, Missouri, Belford, Oxford, etc.

Pieplant Trail, Taylor Park Colorado

This easy Jeep road will take you all the way to the town site. Once you pass the town it is ATV's and dirt bikes only.

Colorado Taylor Park UTV Guide Book

Guide to Colorado Backroad and 4 Wheel Drive Trails, Includes Maps and Direction for this Trail

Pieplant town and mine site

There are several structures at the Pieplant town site.  This one has been restored with a new roof.  The trail continues along behind these cabins.  The trail past the gate to the right of the picture is the Timberline trail and is for dirt bikes and mountain bikes.

History of Pieplant Mine

As you can see from this photo, not much remains of the old mine site. If it wasn't for the rock walls you may not even notice the mine as most of the wooden structure is gone.

pieplant townsite Colorado mining history

The town is interesting but the bugs will eat you alive in this area. If you would like to spend much time at all exploring the town site I highly suggest bringing a can of bug spray.

RZR trails at Taylor Lake Colorado

Be careful of this stream crossing near the end of the trail.  During spring time it can be very deep.  It drowned out the Super Sherpa and it took about an hour to get running again, thus ending our trip for the day.