Cross Mountain

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The trails of Cross Mountain Colorado are just a quick trip from Taylor Park. Located on the south side of beautiful Union Park, Cross Mountain is a short but challenging trail. What makes the trail difficult is that much of the trail has a severe side slant to it as it climbs its way up the mountain. I had no problem with the trail on my dirt bike but ATVs and UTVs will find the trail nerve racking.

Ruins along Cross Mountain Trail

As with most trails in the Colorado mountains, this trail was once used to provide access to mining claims. There were no active claims along the trail at the time of our visit, just dilapidated ruins.


Beaver ponds blocking Cross Mountain Trail near Taylor Park

Beavers have built a dam across the Jeep road and water has flooded some of the trail. These obstacles should be easy to get through on ATVs but made for a challenge on the dirt bike. On the lower slopes of the mountain a creek flows in or close to the trail. The beavers just see this as prime real estate for building new ponds. Since the trail was so steep the ponds didn't actually hold much water.

Dirt bike and UTV trails on Cross Mountain Colorado

At first you may not think much of Cross Mountain Trail. However, Cross Mountain Trail becomes more scenic as you continue to climb. In addition to the views I always find Colorado's mining history to be very interesting.

What is the scariest UTV trail in Colorado?

What is the scariest UTV trail in Colorado? I doubt one would consider Cross Mountain to be extreme, but due to the trails off camber nature it is a little nerve racking. Just past these large cabins begins the worst of the slanted trail for the ATVs and UTVs

Colorado Taylor Park UTV Guide Book

Guide to Colorado Backroad and 4 Wheel Drive Trails, Includes Maps and Direction for this Trail

dirt Bike trails on Cross Mountain Colorado

At 9.5 miles the trail passes out of the trees onto the top of the mountain at a T intersection. Left leads to the very top, but was blocked by a 10 ft. wall of snow in July. The trail to the right goes to an overlook of Taylor Park. Sorry for the washed out photos.

Cross Mountain Jeep Road and Side by Side Trails

The top of Cross Mountain looks like a ghost forest. There must have been a forest fire in the area at one time. I always enjoy the unique scenes Mother Nature can offer up to Side by Side users that are willing to sample less popular trails.

Taylor Park Colorado as seen from the Top of Cross Mountain

View of Taylor Park Colorado as seen from the Top of Cross Mountain. I find it so interesting to get up high and see how many trees there are in wild places in our country. If you are from the flatter parts of our country, you literally can't see the forest for the trees.


Cross Mountain Colorado Jeep Road

Wild flowers with Union Park in the distance. Though not nearly the size of Taylor Park, I just loved the remote feel of Union Park. It really made one feel they are off the map, or as much as one can be now days.