Paiute ATV Trails
Manning Meadows

Paiute Trail ATV UTV rentals

We started our second day on the Paiute ATV Trail by taking our Polaris Ranger UTV (rented from Lizzie and Charlie's RV and ATV Park) on the short trip from Manning Meadows Reservoir to Barney Lake.  Though I liked the first lake better this one, Barney Lake is more private.  So if you are looking for a place to spend some time alone this is it, it gets much less traffic since it is not on the main Paiute Trail, Paiute 01 and there are several Geocaches in the area.

Dry Creek Ranger Station Fishlake National Forest

While heading south on Paiute 01 you will pass by this old forest service station for Dry Creek Ranger Station of the Fishlake National Forest, it does not appear to be in use anymore.  The Fishlake National Forest has several areas that once had ranger stations.  Stop and enjoy the views, there is also a restroom here.

Paiute ATV Trail on the a Polaris Side by Side

This was my first trip on a Side by Side. I was typically a dirt bike guy but I have to say I loved the Polaris Ranger Crew.  I was able to navigate while Randy drove us around.  I also love having the ability to talk to my friends instead of just pointing at something like we do on dirt bikes. Fast forward a few years and all of my dirt bikes have been sold I only have Side by Sides now. It is easy to see why they are so popular.

Paiute Trail UTV Guide Book

National Geographic Maps "Guide to the Paiute ATV Trail", Includes Maps and Direction for this Trail

Tushar Mountain Wildflowers

If you like wildflowers early July is the time to visit the Paiute ATV trail.  The one problem with early season riding is the highest portions of the trail can be closed due to snow pack.  Notice the Tushar Mountains in the distance, that area of the trail was closed due to snow. Our original plan was to make the entire loop of the Paiute ATV Trail. However, since due to the snow closure we decided to completely change our plans and head south to Bryce Canyon along the Fremont Trail.

When does the Paiute Trail open

One thing you should be thinking about when planning a trip to the Paiute Trail is, "When does the Paiute Trail open?" The answer to this question changes yearly depending on the amount of snowfall the previous winter. Our Trails Illustrated map says to plan on the trail being fully open around July 20 but to call the ranger station and confirm the date.

Otter Creek Reservoir

Otter Creek Reservoir as seen the Paiute 01.  There are three trails leading to the reservoir. Notice the lush green on this side of the mountains, everything was brown on the Marysvale side.

Wild flowers along the Paiute Trail near circleville utah

More wild flowers in early July along the ATV trails on the way to Circleville Utah.

Paiute Trail near Circleville Utah

No one told us about the fishing along the Paiute Trail. If you are into fishing be sure to bring your fishing pole the reservoirs are stocked with tons of fish.  If you like geocaching there is a great on right at the dam.

Manning Meadows Reservoir

The section of trail from Utah 62 south to Circleville is very rugged and offers only a few views.  This was once a narrow trail but has been widened in order to lay a water line for cattle use.

The Paiute ATV trail is located in central Utah and consist of a main loop of about 300 miles. In addition to the main loop there are approximately 1800 miles of side trails that spur off of the main trail of varying difficulty. The Paiute trail also connects with the Fremont trail system to the south and the Sanpete ATV area to the north. You can easily spend a week or more riding these trails. No matter if you ride ATVs, UTVs or Dirt Bikes this is considered one of if not the best trail system in the country.