Bull Canyon

Motorcycles, UTVs, Jeeps

Moab Utah

Bull Canyon Trail Moab Utah

The trail leading into Bull Canyon is easy and should not challenge any modern UTV or off-road vehicles. It is sad that the trail must be lined with rocks to keep vehicles from wondering into the desert and leaving ugly tracks.


UTV stay on the trail

When I was younger I might have thought or at least hanged out with people that thought stuff like this was cool. Now I realize how making a lot of noise for no good reason hurts everyone that likes to ride off-road. Always remember how your actions may affect others. If you don't want people griping about off-roaders, then don't give them a reason to.

Bull Canyon Trail Moab UT

One of my favorite activities in Moab is photography. Bull canyon provides many great photo opportunities like this one. I would love to ride the trail in the winter and see the contrast that the snow would give the trail.


Access Gemini Bridge from below

The main reason most people travel into Bull Canyon is get get pictures of Gemini Bridges from below.  Gemini Bridges is a double bridge located on BLM land.  Gemini Bridges is the larges double bridge I know of in the Moab area, especially outside of Arches and Canyonlands National Park.

Moab Utah UTV Guide Book

Moab Utah Guide Books, Includes Maps and Direction for this Trail

Day Canyon Near Bull Canyon Moab UT

This view is of a side canyon that spurs out of Bull Canyon.  It may be named Day Canyon but I am not sure. There are no roads into the canyon.  Maybe one day I will be able to return to this area and do some hiking. I think it is a shame that most UTVers don't take the time to get out of their machines and walk around some.  Sure it may require  a little effort but it will be worth it.  Just think about how much your waste line would like it if you spent more time hiking.  

Gemini Bridges Natural Bridge Moab Utah

After spending some time in Bull Canyon you can ride around to the top of Gemini Bridges and look down at the rare double bridges, if you wanted to you can walk across the bridges.