Poison Spider Mesa

Moab Utah

Moab Rock Art

Poison Spider Mesa is located just a few miles from Moab, UT.  The trail is somewhat difficult with a mixture of slick rock and rock ledges.  Though John thought The Slick Rock Trial was the best trail I would have to say Poison Spider Mesa is better in my opinion. This rock art is near parking area for this trail.  The drive down Potash Road to Poison Spider Trail is beautiful, it is one of the most spectacular drives in the county. 


Behind the Rocks

From the beginning of the trail you can get great views of the Behind the Rocks Wilderness area. The rocks are too tight for trails in there but it is a great place to spend some time hiking.  Wilderness areas are needed in some places including in the Behind The Rock, however many other times they are simply land grabs that steel public access, if you are are concerned about the spread of unnecessary wilderness area consider supporting groups like theBlue Ribbon Collation or the AMA. 

Pig Rock

One of the views from the top of the mesa near the start of the trail.  Poison Spider Mesa actually includes several trails that you can string together to make an all day loop.  Look for Pig Rock a major land form in the area and can be used to help you keep your sense of direction as you travel around the mesa.


Poison Spider Mesa

Little Arch as seen from the top of the mesa.  The Arch is right on the edge of the cliff above the Colorado River.  A short spur trail will lead you to the arch, you will have to hike the last few feet to get to the arch.  To see the arch from below you will need to drive to Kane Creek Road on the other side of the Colorado River.  The arch is too high up to be seen from Potash Road UT279.

Moab Utah UTV Guide Book

Moab Utah Guide Books, Includes Maps and Direction for this Trail

Poison Spider Mesa Little Arch

View near the edge of the cliff at Little Arch,  below you can just see Potash Road then across the Colorado River you can see Kane Creek Road.

Poison Spider Mesa

To me this is what makes this trail so much fun. One second you are inching along in a technical area and the next you are on slick rock and that is followed by ripping it up in the sand dunes. Poison Spider Mesa

We are from Georgia and are more accustomed to riding in mud than sand.  If you are like us you will not like riding on sand at first but once you get it figured out it is very fun and nothing else is like it, just remember to keep your weight back.

Poison Spider Mesa Trailhead Map

To reach the Poison Spider Mesa Trailhead follow US 191 north out of Moab, cross over the Colorado River about 1 mile and look for UT 279 aka Potash Road.  After about 6 miles you will see the trailhead parking area clearly marked on the right side of the road.  You will have to go up an include to reach the parking area.  The parking lot can fill up on busy days.