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Top of the World Trail

Top Of the World

The Top Of The World is great trail to start on if you have never been to the Moab area. The start of the trail starts at the well marked Dewey Bridge parking lot.


Top Of the World Moab UT

The trail follows a wide rough road. Though rough there are no hard obstacles. The trail is well marked with signs marking the way.

Top Of the World Trail

Because the trail to the top does not really represent typical Moab terrain you be ah struck when you get to the overlook and can see what the Moab area really looks like for the first time..


Onion Creek Trail

The trail deep in the canyon below is Rose Garden Hill and Onion Creek which you will use to complete the loop if you choose too.  There are many other interesting side trails in the area, enough to make an entire weekend.


Moab Slick Rock

What makes this slick rock so unique is that behind you there is a huge cliff towering above you.


Kokopelli's trail

After returning from Top of the World follow the signs for the Kokopelli's trail. This trail has a few difficult climbs up loss rock on the edge of a cliff. Be sure to keep enough speed up to get up the hill as you would not want to wreck and risk damage to you vehicle this far out in the middle of no were.

Directions: From Moab take Hwy 128 North to Dewey Bridge or from I-70 take hwy 128 south to Dewey Bridge. There is a camping area at the bridge, the trail starts at the bridge.


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