Fins 'N' Things Trail

Moab Utah

Where does fins n things trail start

Many people consider Hell's Revenge as the most famous trail in Moab.  However, did you know Hell's Revenge has a warmup trail?  It's called Fins 'N' Things.  Don't get me wrong this trail will still get your blood flowing but it is not the scariest trail in Moab, at least at the start. The Fins and Things Trail starts off of Sand Flats Road behind camp site 7E.  Note there is an entrance fee into the Sand Flats Recreation Area.

Slick Rock Trail Moab

The Fins N Things trails is typically considered a warm-up trail to Hells Revenge which is more difficult.  Few sand stone domes are much smaller than the ones on Hell's Revenge.  However, by the end of the trail they start getting larger and larger.  I always think it is such a waste when people ride these trails but never take the time to get out of their UTV and explore on foot.  You will be amazed at how the slick rock trail surface allows you to easily climb very steep sections of trails.

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Sand Flats Recreation area

A common geological feature you will notice along this trail are what are known as alcoves.  Alcoves are the start of arches.  This is one of the largest alcoves in the Sand Flats Recreational area with easy access.  This one has almost eroded all the way through this sandstone dome.  Once the erosion eats through this will be an arch.  Though the trail is very steep in sections, I thought it was relatively easy with a wide side by side. Narrow ATVs my find the trail more difficult.


Sand Flat Road Moab

There is lots to see on this trail.  The trail is only a few miles long but you can spend several hours here exploring the area.  


Moab Utah UTV Guide Book

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hiking along the fins n things trail

The trail is well marked, just follow the stegosaurs markers painted on the rocks. The black tire streaks are obvious also.  If you have a watchful eye see if you can spot the real stegosaurs rock formation.  Hint, it will be on the right side of the trail and easy to see up on a rock.  There is room to park at the stegosaurs and the area provides the best hiking.


Fins n Things Moab Ut

You can drive right up to this over look, there are others you may wish to hike to.  This trail is very popular with rental atvs and Side by Sides coming from downtown Moab.  If you want to rent an ATV for an hour or two while in town I would recommend this trail.  Just the right mix of scenery, challenges and proximity to town.


fins n things canyon moab


We hiked this this canyon along the Fins n Things trail.  It was right near the above mentioned Stegosaurs.  I believe this canyon is called Echo Canyon.  I wonder how Echo Canyon got it's name? 


Fins n things Free  Trail Map

Fins N Things Free Trail map provide by