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Beef Basin Loop

Joint Trail via Elephant Hill

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Moab Jeep Utah Dirt Bike Moab Jeep
Canyonlands National Park dual sport

This sign marks the end of the Beef Basin Trail.  Unlicensed ATV and Dirt Bikes must stop at this point.  Only Dual Sport Motorcycles and Jeeps can continue into Canyonlands National Park.

Needles Jeep Roads

Since ATVs and Jeeps are not allowed into Canyonlands I would recommend that you do not continue past Bobby's Hole hill while exploring the Beef Basin area.  You will know the hill when you see it, it is not too tough to get down but would be very difficult to go back up.


Elephant Hill Road

In my opinion of the thousands of miles of backcountry roads and trails I have been Elephant Hill Road is simply the scenic of all.


KTM Utah

Instead of towering trees we drove our KTM bikes through towering stones.


Joint Trail

Much of the trail leading up to the Joint Hiking trail is easy but sandy.


Utah dirtbike trails

There are also several slick rock sections along Elephant Hill Road.


Elephant Hill Jeep Road

If you like red rocks this part of southern Utah is the best.


Anasazi Rock Art

If you keep a watchful eye you will be able to spot Anasazi art work on the walls of some of the canyons.


Anasazi Pictograph

Anasazi Pictographs irreplaceble please do not touch them, this one had several bullet holes in it.

Delorme Utah

As you can see from my Delorme GPS to complete the Beef Basin Loop through Canyonlands National Park took us 98.36 miles.  Make sure your bike has enough range to complete the loop. We took an extra gallon of gas with us and had to use it.


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