White Rim Loop

White Crack

Musselman Arch

Musselman Arch is one of the 1st things you will see along the White Rim Trail proper after Shafer Switchbacks and Potash Road.  You can actually walk out onto the arch is you have enough nerve.  I've actually heard old stories of people driving onto Musselman Arch before the creation of Canyonland National Park.

Canyonlands Dirt Bike

I am often asked, can I ride a UTV in Canyonlands National Park?  ATVs, UTVs and non-street legal dirt bikes are not allowed inside the Canyonlands National Park.  Even if your UTV or ATV has a tag and is considered street legal by the state of Utah, they are not allowed in the park.

KTM Dual Sport

The scale of the White Rim is unbelievable, it is something you must experience to appreciate.  Though I'm typically a UTVer, for this trip a dual sport was required.  We got this one from Utah Dual Sport.

Can I ride my UTV in Canyonlands National Park

The complete loop is 112 miles long, and will take all day if you stop to take photos.  Dirt Bikes can only make it if you ride really gently and take extra gas.  Even with extra gas we went on reserve about 5 miles from our truck.  Believe it or not bicyclist have completed this loop in 5 and half hours.  


Moab Utah UTV Guide Book

Moab Utah Guide Books, Includes Maps and Direction for this Trail

Washer Woman Arch

Washer Woman Arch as seen from the trail.  To spot the arch look for the small hole in the center tower.  From the correct angle it really looks like a woman washing cloths in an old time washing pan.  If you want a better view make the short hike along the Mesa Arch Trail.


White Rim Mountain Bike

Dual Sport Dirt Bikes can complete the trail if you get a very early start.  Jeeps typically take 2-3 days and most Mountain Bikes take 3 days to complete the trail.

White Rim Jeep Road

Watch out for Jeeps while on the trail.  Sometime it can be frustrating to pass a Jeep or Mountain bike only to have them pass you back if you stop for a picture.


Utah Dual Sport

In many places the trail goes right to the edge of the canyon.  


Monument Basin

Monument Basin is one of the best canyons in the Moab Utah area.  These formations are called the Nuts and Bolts.  I've had people ask, what is the best long trail in Moab?  The white rim road would be in the top three.  I kind of like Lockhart Basin better because I can ride the trail on a UTV.


Moab Utah ATV

More Views of Monument Basin.  If you look close you will notice the tops of the rocks are capped with a white rock.  These are the rocks that give the White Rim it's name.  The white rocks are more erosion resistant than the rocks below.  Water is always trying to undercut the white rocks and once it does the next layer down is quickly eroded away.

The trail starts at about a mile before the visitors center, you may find better parking near the Horsethief Campground.

White Rim Trail Map Dual Sport