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Prentice Cooper State Forest ATV Trail Info


Prentice Cooper Cycle Trail Prentice Cooper Cycle Park Tennessee ATV Park Tennessee ATV rhino Tennessee

Located near Chattanooga, TN Prentice Cooper offers 24,311 acres with approximately 100 miles of dirt roads/trails. Multi-use trails open to motor vehicles, ATV's, dirt bikes, side by sides, hiking, horseback riding. Roads/trails can be a mix of dirt, gravel, or rocks. Terrain varies from very easy to very steep.

Address: Marion County, TN

Related activities: trail riding, hiking

Activity type: easy to difficult

Dates/Hours: The area is open during daylight hours, sunrise to sunset


Official Trail Map:



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Call Before You Haul

Due to weather conditions and maintenance, this trail may be closed on short notice. Before your ride, please call the OHV hotline at 423-658-5551
Length: 100 miles
Surface: Mix of dirt roads with difficulty ranging from easy to very steep.

OHV Guidelines

Stay on designated roads.  All motorized vehicles including OHVs, ATVs, motorcycles, etc. must stay on designated roads only. Only roads marked with the jeep symbol are open to motorized vehicles.  Some roads are open to designated use only and are posted as such.  Stay out of the woods, fields, creeks, power lines, gas lines and right of ways.

Respect road closures.  Some roads must be temporarily closed for various reasons.

  • During the winter months the side roads are closed during periods of wet weather.  Winter months bring a lot of rain and snow along with freezing and thawing.  These conditions make the dirt roads soft and muddy and most susceptible to damage, rutting and erosion problems.
  • Some areas are closed from late April through early July to encourage turkey nesting.  Turkeys do not like to be disturbed during the nesting period, therefore some areas are closed to motorized vehicles during this time. Areas closed include:  Tower Drive south of Pot Point Road, Elder Point, Long Point and Inman Point.
  • Some roads are closed for road maintenance and construction or when a logging operation is going on in the area.

Watch your speed.  The speed limit is 25 mph on all roads on the forest.

Help protect the resource.  Slinging gravel and making doughnuts in the roads adds to the time and costs needed for road maintenance.  The forest has a very limited budget for gravel and maintenance.

Share the road.   The roads are open to all forest visitors including bicyclists and horse back riders.  Be courteous when meeting these visitors on the road.  You may want to stop or turn off your engine as to not to startle the horses.

Trail Blaze: N/A
Safety: Spring 2010

Prentice Cooper State Forest and Wildlife Management Area will be holding managed turkey hunts on the dates listed below.  The area west of Highway 27 (Suck Creek Road) will be closed to visitors except hunters on these dates.  The area east of Highway 27 including Edwards Point will remain open to the public during these hunts.

Apr 6-11
Apr 14-16
Apr 22-24
Apr 27-May 2


During the time period from December 21 until March 15 the following road closures will be in effect to prevent damage to the roads. These road closures may be put in effect at other times if weather and/or road conditions deem it necessary.

  • All of the side roads will be closed to motorized vehicles
  • Tower Drive will remain open to Davis Pond and Davis Pond Road will remain open to the Davis Pond Campsite.
  • Tower Drive will be closed to motorized vehicles at the gate just past Pot Point Road.
  • Haley Road will remain open.
  • Inman, Elder and Long Point Roads will be closed to motorized vehicles during this time period.
  • All roads are closed to motorized vehicles only. Horseback riding, bicycles and foot travel are permitted.


Camping is permitted at two designated campsites: Davis Pond and Hunter's Check Station.  Campsites are primitive with pit toilets and campfire rings only.  Camping is first come, first serve.

Those camping at Davis Pond must be in the campsite by dark.  Backpackers may use the campsites along the trails.

Prentice Cooper WMA
Phone: 423-658-5551

Map(s) and directions: From Chattanooga, take Hwy 27 to Signal Mountain exit. Turn right onto Signal Mountain Rd. Turn left onto Hwy 27 (Suck Creek Rd.) Do not go up the mountain on Hwy 127. Continue on Hwy 27 for approximately 8 miles (into Marion County). Watch for sign of your left that says Prentice Cooper Wildlife Management Area. Turn left at that sign. Bear to left again at junction, and turn left at next road. Small sign says Prentice Cooper WMA. Go about one mile to check-in station on your left. Park at check-in station.


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