Onion Creek Narrows ATV & UTV Trail

Moab, Ut

What is the deepest canyon you can driving in in Moab?  The Onion Creek trail is over two thousand feet below the Top of the World Overlook.  It is almost like you are in a canyon within a canyon.  Onion Creek trail is a smooth fast finish to the rougher first half of a loop that starts from the Dewey Bridge trailhead and includes Top of the World and Rose Garden Hill. This trail starts after crossing through a washed out area and turning right on the main road after descending the difficult Rose Garden Hill.

Does the Onion Creek Trail Stink?  Of course it stinks, why  else would it be called Onion Creek.  The creek that you cross many times comes from a sulfur spring.  The sulfur fed creek running through the canyon has also changed the color of the rocks to an onion color instead of the red color typically of most of Moab.

After following a wide valley for a few miles the smooth trail quickly drops down into a tight canyon. The unique rocks towering above are from the Dewey Bridge Formation.  Dewey Bridge rocks are easy to recognize due to their bubbly look.  This rocks is also well exposed in Arches National Park.   

Onion Creek Trail

Notice the 900ft tall Fisher Towers in the center of the canyon.  The tower is actually several miles away from where this picture was taken.  The tallest tower is know as the Titan.     

Totem Pole Onion Creek

The trail as it enters the part of the canyon know as the Narrows.  I think the tall rock in the center of the picture is known as the Totem Pole.  There is another rock formation with the same name on White Rim Road.


Moab Utah UTV Guide Book

Moab Utah Guide Books, Includes Maps and Direction for this Trail

Fisher Tower from Onion Creek

If you have time a side trip to the Fisher Towers is highly recommended.  It is a 2 to 3 mile hike to walk around the towers depending on how far you want to walk.  It is amazing to stare up at them from their base.  The trail goes right up the the sheer walls of the tower.  I am amazed that the towers are even standing. The rocks that make up the towers appear to simply be mud and the rock easily falls apart in your hand when you touch them.

Fisher Mesa

Have you ever wondered if movies are filmed in Moab?  Most old westerns, and new ones for that matter are filmed in the Castle Valley area.  If you are interested in knowing exactly which movies were filmed here I would suggest checking out the Red Cliffs Lodge, they have a movie museum there and their food is great.

Castle Valley Onion Creek

Castle Rock with Priest and Nun.  Once you know what movies where filmed in the Castle Valley area it is neat to go back and watch them again and look for the different landscape features.