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Empire ATV Trails

Empire ATV Trail

Empire is located near the town of Empire about 40 miles west of Denver. Empire is a small town with few services.

Empire Jeep Trail

From the Parking area you cannot see the high mountains. First you have to drive up the mountain road past some old mines. Once on top of the mountains it is very beautiful with many photo opportunities.

Empire Dirtbike Trail

Once you are near the tree line the area opens up. All of the trails are passable by ATVs, Motorcycles, and Jeeps. Some parts of the trails are rough.
  Colorado ATV trails

At some parts the trail leading up to the top of the mountain can get some what steep, so use caution. The more power your ATV has the better.

Bill More Lake

Even though we road here in early August there was still snow on the grow and it was very cold, so dress appropriately, even if it is warm where you parked.

  Empire Colorado

A spur trail leads to Breckenridge Peak which is
12,889ft. If you decide to climb to the top don't be
fooled by thinking you can see the top from the trail.
This picture was taken after a long walk that ended
before we got to the top.

ATV Colorado

In addition to all the old mines there is part of an old cabin near Bill Moore Lake. We saw some beautiful wildlife in the area around the lake so have your camera ready.

  Empire ATV Trail

The Empire trail system was much larger at one time before the trail connecting it St. Mary's Glacier was closed. To get to these trails you must drive around the mountain on the main road. From what I have read there are many in that area.


Directions from Denver: Take I-70 west to exit 232 Hwy 40. Go a few miles and turn right on main street. Follow this road up the mountain until you come to an open spot with a chain link fence. Unload here and continue on the same road with your ATV.



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