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Cinnamon Pass Colorado

Cinnamon Pass Atv Trail

Cinnamon Pass is the first pass of the most well know trail system in Colorado, The Alpine Loop. This trail is suitable for everything from ATVs to cars in some parts.

Alpine Loop ATV Trail

The trail driven from Lake City starts at the end of Lake San Cristobal for ATVs. The first few miles are easy but provide plenty of scenery.

Alpine Loop Jeep Road

Once you get to this spot you will know you are at the end of the line for passenger cars. After this spot the trail becomes more difficult as you approach the pass.
  Cinnamon Pass Trail

After you get through the one small tough spot the trail will become easy again allowing you more time to see the views.

Cinnamon Pass

Cinnamon Pass is at 12,640 and there are signs located here and at other places along the trail explaining the tundra conditions at this altitude.

  Animal Forks

The unique feature of the ghost town of Animas Forks comes just after you start down from the pass. At one time the city was home to 400 people and the largest mill in Colorado.

Animal Forks Colorado

Animas Forks is very interesting and one could spent a lot of time exploring the area. There is a public restroom here and there are many signs explaining the town's past.

Colorado dirtbike trails

Once at the town site you will have many choices of which trail to take next. We took California Gulch but you can take other trails depending on the time of day. It is 28 miles from Lake City to Animas Forks.


To see the next trail in this loop click California / Corkscrew Gulch

Directions: Drive through Lake City until you see signs on the right pointing to the trail. There is a State camp ground on the back side of the lake.



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