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Slate and Gothic Roads

Crested Butte Dirt bike Trails

Slate and Gothic Roads are an easy way for people in the Crested Butte area to view the back country. Most of this road is well maintained and is easily passable though if in a passenger vehicle you might need 4-wheel drive.

Paradise Divide Trail

Paradise Divide is great place to get off and walk around and enjoy the views. I am not sure if it is legal for ATVs to ride on Slate or Gothic Roads but I think you can on Washington road FR811. You should call the forest service and ask before riding..

Blue ribbon collation

What a great looking trail gone to waste. Since this side trail at Paradise Divide is in a wilderness area you can no longer ride on it and now can only hike it. Though not open to vehicles I did talk to some blue ribbon collation members that were working on clearing the trail.

gunsight pass trail

This bridge is located a the beginning of Gunsight Pass, it is best to go around the bridge.

Gunsight Pass ATV Trail

Gunsight Pass trail is a more difficult trail than Slate Road. The trail is steeper and you must go though the creek to drive the trail.

Crested Butte ATV

We rode on the southern side of the trail system where many ski resorts can be seen.  Since that time we have return and ridden the eastern trails, see pictures below.

To see the next trail in this loop click Schofield Pass, Crystal River

I do not have any picture of Gothic Road due to a massive rain storm we were in while riding the trail. Gothic Road is easier than Slate road but is also very beautiful. The Town of Gothic looked neat but I was too cold to stop. There are many speed limit signs in town so be careful. Once again ATVs should stay on Washington Road FR811. When the Slate and Gothic roads are combined together they will make a loop and take you back to Crested Butte.


Directions: Drive through Crested Butte to a dirt road on the left about one mile out of town. This road is Slate Road 734. The first few miles pass through private property so stay on the road.


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